About Digital Syria

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in. dfgdfg dg dg dfg dfgfgdfg dfgdfgdfg fg dfgdfg df gdfg dfg dfg fg fdg fg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg fg fg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dg dfg dfg dfg gf dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg fdg dfg df dfg dfg dfg dfg df g dfgdfg fg dfgdfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfgdfg dfg dfg dfg dgf dfg fg dfg

Team Members

Jillian Scott

Jillian Scott, Esq. is the managing partner of Markowitz  & Mellencamp, P.C., established in 1983. Jillian has been accredited by the American Bar Association. As a leading lawyer in the firm, Jillian uses her experience and personal relationships to get results for all M&M’s clients. She is a talented and hard working attorney who never stops trying to bring another win for her clients.

Andrew michaels

Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. He has represented over 100 New York firms in various litigations, an has only lost once, throughout his entire career. It wasn’t his fault, the guy was clearly guilty.


Robert Jeffries

Robert might look like a sweet old man, but when he puts on the famous litigatiocn suit, he becomes a cunning lion. You really want a guy like Robert on your team. Finding loop holes and loose ends is what has made Robert famous in the New York district and beyond as one of the shrudest, most highly skilled lawyer in the business. Don’t miss his closing arguments, they have never failed.

Partners we've worked with

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